Sunday, January 22, 2006

" Pookalam"

It is picture from Mar athenatious Engineering college Kothamagalam.


It is a image of flower arrengment at Onam in Kerala

Onam is the national festival of all Malayalis. It is a festival of flowers. People would make flower arrangement on their floor for ten day. The first day is called as Atham and last day is called as Thiruvonnam. It is sweet remberance of our old great ruler Mahabali, who was an Asura. People was very happy at his rule. So the Gods feared and they sent Vishnu (One God from the trinity of Hinduism) as Vamanan and he stamped Mahabali in to underground. People belived that on every onam season he usued to visit his subjects in Kerala.

Neelam Peroor

It is the image of 'big stork' after the Padayani (festval) People are removing the image from the spot. It is a image of Bhimasena from Mahabharata (The ithihasa of India)

It is a shot of fire works (Down).

It is an image of big stork

Nelamperoor, Kottayam
Kerala, India.

All these images are made out of recycled natural goods.

Neelam Peroor Padayanni

It is a photo from Neelam Peroor in Kottayam. There is a temple where they are using natural goods for their festival. So all these festivals are knowing the festival of famres. This is a image of 'Velliyannam' - means the big stork.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Lal... Lal.... Mohan Lal...

Mohan Lal with MASCOM students. I'm at extreme right. One of the senior photographer named Pithambharan took this photo.

Mohan Lal

Mohan Lal the great actor of Malayalam, Mammen Mathew with him (One of the managing director)

Mohan Lal is one of the best actor in Malayalam Movie industry. He is very efficient to act any emotional scenes. At the silver jubilee of his acting Malayala Manorama made a programme called 'Ente Malayalam'- means my own malayalam. In that programme he acted ten best characters from the Malayalam literature. This programs got a good consent from many people. At the end of the progamme Malayala Manorama hourned him. We met him from Manorama, when he hourned. We took a photo with him.


I'm a journalism student in Malayala Manorama School of Communication in Kerala. Malayala Manorama is the the biggest language news paper in Kerala. It has around 12 lakhs circulation. It is a small state only three core people were living. This all are my MASCOM friends. Some of us are malayalies and others are out my state.

Peryar Tiger Reserve

Hi friends it is my photo from Thekkay Periyar Tiger reserve where we can see Indian tigers. It is considers as the heritage forest, where we can see someone rare species. It is a good picnic place in Idduky district in Kerala. There is a reservoir, you can make a boating there. If you will get a chance come and spend some time there for it is amazing place.


It ia a view of sky on the way of Kumarakam. Kerala, India.
Hello friends it is a new blog for my photos. Watch and enjoy the view of my 'Naked Eyes'. Watch the world around me through this blog. If you are interested just please comment the photos. Some photos are mine some are by my friends. Watch it and get the spirit of "Naked Eyes".